László Kalmár



Ybl Prize winning architect

Jury member 2019
Kl 2019 Kk Knyvklub Crop Highres

Studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Ybl Miklós Polytechnic. In his final year, he won a scholarship at the University of Barcelona. After graduating at the Architectural Design Course of YM Polytechnic / St. István University and completing the postgraduate Master School, he founded his office, ZSK Architects with Zsolt Zsuffa. He won the Péter Molnár Prize in 2005, the Pro Architectura Prize in 2007, and the Ybl Miklós Prize in 2010. Since 2002 he won prizes in 26 national and international architectural competitions, including 10 first prizes. He has been teaching at the Master School since 2002, was the Vice President of the Association of Hungarian Architects between 2006 and 2009, and since 2015 he is the Chairman of the Diploma Committee of BME - Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


Kl 2019 Kk Knyvklub Crop Highres