PACE - Public Architecture in East-Central Europe - is an initiative of the Department of Public Building Design at the Faculty of Architecture of Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Source of high-quality communal architecture from the region

Our mission is to build the best available collection of communal architecture from the East-Central European region to represent and promote high-quality public buildings and realised communal architecture projects and to advance knowledge about our built environment.

Countries represented by PACE

Each year PACE scans works from 9 countries - Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine - to find the most remarkable projects of public architecture.

Reference point, Network, and Award

We are dedicated to becoming a new platform of architectural networking inside and outside the region and a reference point for architects, architecture students, and the wider public. Besides the collection, in the future we will launch a new architecture prize and organize professional events under the umbrella of PACE.

A constantly growing source of works

To be a candidate for selection, a building or project has to be of outstanding quality and has to serve a community purpose. It must also be a completed project, realised in the past five years (2014-2019). Works are sourced and selected in 3 categories on a yearly basis from each country, based on the recommendations of the local PACE associate.

The 3 categories represent major domains of public architecture:

Recollective Architecture - historical reconstructions, contemporary extensions of historical buildings, monuments that play an important role in articulating collective and cultural memory.

Sustainable Communities -  projects realised and/or designed through community effort and participation for the use of underprivileged and socially disadvantaged communities.

Innovative Public Spaces - new and reinterpreted functions of public buildings, innovative patterns in the use of public space.

The project of an ‘Online Hungarian and English language website and professional forum of Regional Selection of Public Architecture from East-Central Europe’ has been realized with the support of Lechner Knowledge Center.

Project team:

concept: Levente Szabó DLA, Péter Klobusovszki DLA, Katalin Fazekas DLA, András Márk Bartha DLA

programming: András Káré

graphic design: Ákos Polgárdi

team members: Anna Birkás, Zsófia Pataky

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